Hi, I'm Shelley Miller. I'm a Medicare Consultant assisting those trying to understand complex nuances of the Medicare program. My goal is to help you interpret Medicare as well as to answer those challenging "if" and "but" questions. Making Medicare manageable for you is what I enjoy. 


I am the owner and founder of S.R. Miller Consulting LLC. My energy is fueled by being a "forever student" of Medicare, since every case is unique as each person, leading to continually learning new things.  My Medicare counseling techniques have been collectively developed over many professional years as a Certified Medicare Counselor for Missouri's State Health Insurance Assistance Program. I have worked with individuals who are retirement-focused, persons with a disability, Veterans, survivors, caregivers, & those of all income levels. 

When I am not working I truly enjoy being home and spending time with family & friends. If the weather is nice you will find me on the lake enjoying the sun but I can't resist a good mystery book as well.

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My Services


It is not uncommon to feel worried, confused, or a little scared when it comes to health care in retirement. Medicare can be complex and confusing leading to more questions than answers. I'll help you anticipate what to expect from Medicare. Below are a few of the services I offer. Please allow me to be your safe pair of hands and together we will minimize the tension of retirement health care. 

Professionals: Benefit Administrators, Financial Planners, Wealth Managers, Insurance Agents, Government Entities, Home Health Agencies, Non-Profits & Educational Institutions

Individuals & Caregivers

By listening to your goals I am able to designing services to wrap around or elevate your business needs. As a SME in Medicare I am able to provide additional value to your team of benefit administrators, agents, or employees by helping with the unknown delicate details with Medicare.  

Health insurance is a boring & a complex subject that is usually placed on the back burner until it's crunch time. What is often not recognized by many is that Medicare is an intricate topic & it is only part of the health insurance picture. I am able to be a safe pair of hands for you, assist you in understanding Medicare and it's limits so you are able to make smart choices for the present & in the future. 

  • Provide staff training and development as well as serve as a resource

  • Speaker for events/trainings/lunch & learns

  • Implement or strengthen retirement healthcare navigation for pre-retiree/retiree 

  • Create eLearning(s) 

  • Enhance a business's vision of improving employee experience by offering personalized assistance for caregivers. 1:1 guidance to review loved one's benefits and explore community resources. 

  • Discuss ways/options to lower Retirement Health Care.

  • Additional services are able to design for your group. Each person has a unique health care journey and offering a service to acknowledge their individuality improves the culture of the organization. 

  • Option to meet at your home or place of your choice

  • Enrollment assistance into Medicare

  • Provide advise & counsel on Medicare choices such as Medigaps and Medicare Advantage plans

  • Explain how Medicare works with Retirement insurance, VA, Tri Care

  • Compare and review Retirement Health Care to costs and benefits on the individual Medicare Marketplace.

  • Assist with Medicare premium questions (IRMAA) and Medicare billing issues. 

  • Discuss yearly Medicare benefit reviews.

  • Bring awareness to MyMedicare.gov, preventative services, and other helpful tools & resources.

  • Provide assistance in finding pricing on desired plan, enrollment, &/or disenrollment process per request.

  • Help you gain independence from agents/brokers with personally developed in-person training or online courses.

  • Provide a second opinion to help you feel comfortable with your plan selection.

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