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Why Hire A Consultant?

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When it comes to looking for help with Medicare there are lots of agents & brokers that are more than willing to assist you. So why chose a consultant? I am happy to answer this question.  

* Can an agent/broker be truly objective?       

The agent or broker keeps his/her advise and recommendations in the scope of the policies being sold within their company. A consultant doesn't make a profit from recommending 1 policy over another. 

* What is the quality of the advice of an agent/broker?

Where did he/she receive their training? Agents & brokers often learn an overview of the products their company sells and don't have access to quality Medicare training. As a consultant I truly enjoy Medicare. I have been fortunate to attend CMS's Train the Trainer conferences yearly and also stay current on Medicare by attending CMS and other relevant agencies' webinars & conference calls. 

* Other reasons consultants are beneficial:

Consultants assist with all Medicare related issues and questions. Generally consultants have years of hands on knowledge and valuable contacts when issues are complicated. I was a Medicare counselor with CLAIM, Missouri's State Health Insurance Assistance Program, for 15 years.

Consultants like to educate on the topic and will empower you to take on your Medicare needs independently so you don't have to depend on anyone else. I am willing to show you how to navigate so you can independently view your current plan and compare it to the upcoming year's options. BUT I will always be available if you remain unsure OR you just don't want to deal with Medicare. Consultants are also a good resource if you are seeking a 2nd opinion on your current coverage or what was recommended to you by an agent or broker. 

Consultants take the time to get to know you and how you like your healthcare delivered and are also an ideal choice to work with family members who are lost or frustrated with their loved ones Medicare coverage. 

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